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  • You're welcome to embed DBF departure boards as iframes or use them in full-screen browser setups. The App frontend works best for small screens, whereas the legacy Infoscreen mode is better suited for large displays.
  • A JSON IRIS API is avaliable via mode=json&version=3 (or just https://dbf.finalrewind.org/Station.json?version=3). Route elements may contain "isAdditional" and "isCancelled"; the rest should be self-explanatory. Please do not send more than 30 requests per minute and only one request per station per minute.
  • There is no JSON API for train details yet.
  • The optional limit parameter limits the number of returnd departures; e.g. limit=10 will result in no more than ten.
  • DBF is available as Open Source software (installation instructions). Please use your own installation for automated crawlers that request dozens of stations per minute.
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